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Dirt Stockcar - Tank - Front 3/4 - Vector Template


Image of Dirt Stockcar - Tank - Front 3/4 - Vector Template

Pixelsaurus 3/4 ‘Dirt Series’ 3/4 templates are specialised products catering for Signwriters, Livery Designers, Graphic Designers, Wrap Designers and more, these high-quality 100% vector renders are proven to give a better result than standard line art or photos that are commonly used. These allow for incredibly easy application of artwork for a great, instant and professional result. Make the sometimes-painful process of working out exactly what it is your client requires simpler, easier and more impressive for an all-round more pleasant experience for both sides of the relationship.

Each 3/4 vector template comes with preset Base, Artwork and Shading layers that allow you to quickly apply rendered artwork to the vehicle, giving a dynamic, textured feel, our ‘Dirt Series’ 3/4 template also include dynamic chassis colouring, allowing the designer to change the chassis colour to suit the design.

Perfect for t-shirts and promotional posters!

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This file is supplied as an Adobe Illustrator CS6 .ai plus includes a simple read-me

As these templates are created in Adobe Illustrator, we can not guarantee quality in other applications